COME ON A JOURNEY you’ll never forget!

Foundational 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training*

*Yoga Alliance Certified

Develop Your Personal Practice

History of Yoga
Asana practice and Alignment
Cutting edge Anatomy
Chakras and Energy Body
Mantra and Mudra

Develop as a Yoga Teacher

High level techniques to guide students
The Language of Teaching
How to Apply Anatomy to unique skeletal variation
Finding your Voice
Hands-on Assists – When to touch, when not to touch
Practical Leading & Teaching
Applying the Ethics of Yoga
The Business of Yoga


Questions? Fees? Dates & Times? Location?
Contact me if you would like to hire me at your studio to train your teachers.

I have experience in Leading & Developing 200 HR Yoga Teacher Training Programs more than 25 times

Testimonials in 2019:

“Lucy transcends the role of the teacher. Through her wisdom, vulnerability and unconditional love she opens up a channel through which you are suddenly empowered to see and feel the divine beauty within you. Ask her to tell you a story. You won’t regret it.”~

~Jaime Giraldo (RYT200 @youwillneverbegoodatyoga)


“This 200 hours yoga teacher training has been life changing. The course was truly an enjoyment to attend. Not only did I learn about the basics of yoga but also had the opportunity to make long lasting friendships. Overall a highly recommended experience. “

~Best, Giulia


“I went into my yoga training excited and not knowing what to expect. Immediately you are greeted with love (and lots of jokes) in the presence of Lucy. The 200 hour training we did together was very informative and detailed. The material that Lucy teaches goes above and beyond the standards of the class, she has incorporated her own research and experience with many other wonderful teachers to also share with her students. I am definitely interested in other areas of Yoga covered and taught by Lucy.  I am forever grateful for the light and space she held for myself and my beautiful classmates.
~Sara Vafaei



Common Questions:

Will I be able to teach with confidence after 200 hours?

Yes, we practice teach together and offer step-by-step instruction on language and sequencing and voice.

 Is this training for someone who doesn’t want to teach?

Yes, it is a personally transformative experience so you will find great benefit even if you decide not to teach.

Is there a payment plan?

Yes, and scholarships are available too. We believe that yoga should be available to everyone.

How do I know I’m ready for a 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training program?

Contact us and come in for an interview. We will help direct you. We have a waiting list, so we like to make sure the program is right for you too.


I don’t feel like I’m very advanced in my asana/postures, will yoga training be suitable for me?

Yes, part of training is practicing and no matter what your level, yoga is about growing. We all have skills in different areas.


How much personal attention will I get in Yoga Training?

We cap the training at 17 people. And we book in one-on-one time. This is amazing for most yoga training.