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Anyone looking to challenge their practice and deepen their knowledge
Anyone looking to become a Yoga Teacher or be able to guide others through practice.
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Student Feedback

"Karma Teachers is the epitome of what yoga is. It gives and keeps giving. It is hard to describe the love that comes from this studio."

Dolly Araquel

Student of the 200 Hr Yoga Teacher Training

“What makes the course unique is that one feels this knowledge in their bones. You feel a deep resonance of inner knowingness that has always been there but has never been acknowledged before.”

Miranda Ting

Web Design Teacher

“Simple Truths revealed.”


Yoga Instructor on Salt Spring Island
200 hr Yoga Teacher Training

Start your yoga journey with me in Vancouver!

300 hr Yoga Teacher Training

Continue your Yoga journey with modules such as Ayurveda and Yin training

Our faculty gives you a taste of further modalities, here is a video on What is Biotensgrity in Yoga?

Welcome into Your personal Journey!

Whether you are taking training to start teaching or enhance your teaching or for personal growth, you will authentic knowledge that will transform your life.

Learn practical yogic philosophy

Develop your personal yoga practice

Experience the power of vulnerability and healing

Build your community

Remember your true Self

Create Peace

Deepen Your Yogic Knowledge

Yoga was classically a spiritual practice. Ayurveda was for healing the body-mind.

Put yoga in context

Enhancing your personal healing experience.

Learn about your Kitchen Pharmacy

Your Personal constitution characteristics

Learn Ayurvedic Massage

Find out why Gut health is so important

Experience the oral tradition

“You are always living out one of the stories in the sacred texts”

Enhance Your Teaching

Learn Vedic Knowledge through Story

Learn the paradoxical nature of Yoga

The art of heartfelt public speaking

Ethical guidelines for facing Challenges

Have fun learning!

Integrate Yogic Principles

A 21 day Sadhana/ spiritual practice in which we explore various healing topics together in community.

Ayurvedic Cleanse

Incorporate Durga Maa, the feminine warrior

Develop personal routine

Take care of your body

Experience a nurturing daily activity

Transform your life

The future of Yoga

Yin yoga is a meditative practice that benefits all the other tissues of your body that cannot be made mobile by Yang style movement modalitites.

Learn the energetics of Yin yoga

Discover the world of Fascia

Learn fascia rolling techniques

Feel younger and more flexible

Learn easy meditation techniques

In-depth study of the Chakras

Creating Healthier Lives

Restore and rebuild your pelvic floor if you are aging, have had incontinence, sexual disorders, spinal weakness, prostate surgery or post-pregnancy muscle loss

Improve sexual pleasure and function

Yogis who want to advance their practice

Find out the common misconceptions

Great for Pre- and post-natal and high impact athletes

Learn how important it is to relax these muscles and how to use correct timing and breath

Learn how to identify and use this bandha to promote pelvic floor health

What We Offer that makes us Stand-out!

200 Hr Yoga Teacher Training

Deepen Your Yoga

This is a trail-blazing training like no other! We embody an equality based teaching style, in which your wisdom and experience are valued and a contribution. We will share with you the principles of biotensegrity by looking at the whole practice of yoga, approaching the body as a whole in anatomy, philosophy, and in our approach to teaching a holistic class and a long-term practice.

You will be Yoga alliance certified whether you want to deepen your understanding of yoga or teach. If you already teach you can add CEU’s to your Yoga Alliance Certification.


How Can you Become Better?

Mentorship is for teachers who are looking to fine-tune their teaching skills in many areas. Depending on what your goals are, I’ll help you to take your teaching to the next level. This program will give you an opportunity to talk about any doubts or concerns you may have.

It comprises monthly, hour-long calls which will include:

  • constructive feedback on your teaching methodology and classes
  • help with creating and bringing to fruition goals you’d like to set
  • Book recommendations
  • Q&A

I’ll be there to hold you accountable as a teacher, student and, practitioner.

3 months for $500

Vedic Training in a Modern World

Learn the True Roots of Yoga

Just as it was for me, your face and heart transform when you hear the Vedic stories.

There’s a wisdom and a knowing that you experience which affirms that unbounded awareness that is your birthright. Devotion, consistency, alignment, and fun inform my offerings in public classes or one-on-one. I love music and bring a range of influences while creating a community in class through humour, heart, and humility.

I like to offer lots of positive reinforcement and help students to develop an inner awareness and presence of the Self. I want students to viscerally experience their Oneness and thereby promote a healthy and life-sustaining practice. I’m self-motivated and enthusiastic and I’ve devoted 13 years to the integration of yoga in daily life so that myself and others may find their inner wellspring of unlimited power, inspiration, and humanity.

Team Building

Create Harmony in the Workplace

Using Partner Yoga Techniques to help your team learn how to work together. Building trust, healthy boundaries and learning how each person has a unique set of skills.