Yin Yoga Training Brush-up

Dive into Yin Energetics

  • Meridians
  • Chakras
  • Fascia

This is great for anyone who has taken a Yin training before or wants to know more about the energetics of yin yoga. We are the only Energetic Yin Teacher Training delving into topics such as the energetic understanding of the physical body, recognizing and reading energy. We will also cover fascia, in-depth energy body, trauma sensitivity training and biotensegrity in Yin.

  • Meridians
  • Chakras related to yin
  • Understanding hypermobility
  • Energetic techniques
  • Application in Yoga Therapy
  • Theming for Yin
  • Hands-on touch/Assists

This advanced program will up-level your understanding of Yin, creating more subtle awareness of the practice.

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