What is the purpose of Savasana in Yoga?

This is a topic I have not seen covered very well on the internet. While this topic is covered more extensively in the 200-hour yoga teacher training, here are five important things to know if you are a teacher.

1. Our nervous system is the key to feeling good

Our nervous system needs time in rest to function optimally. Nervous system regulation is not just for organ function and physical health, it is what allows for higher states of consciousness. As you may have read, trauma and dysregulation are not able to experience the present or allow for expansion of the mind or heart. Your system needs to feel at peace to expand beyond your known, limited understanding of the universe. In short, Savasana practice = evolution.

2. Spending time doing nothing consciously helps to do things efficiently

It’s a paradox! Our Mind-Emotion-Body need a break to function well. Savasana is conscious rest, not sleep. It also has subtle differences from yoga nidra and meditation. Savasana is awake resting. Just like you cannot function well without sleep, you cannot function as optimally without conscious rest. Don’t take my word for it, try it yourself.

3. Savasana can bring peace to a busy mind

While Savasana can be challenging if you have a busy mind or emotional dysregulation or you’re just having a rough day, it is still beneficial. You can experience the awareness of your current state and make a decision to change or accept it. Many yogic practices teach how to regulate the activity of the mind through discernment. If you to continue to think about negative or repetitive thoughts, you will suffer. The regular practice of Savasana can bring a deep feeling of peace.

4. Presence increases your quality of life

Who ever felt good about rash decisions? When you have time to contemplate and consider your decisions, your choices will likely be better. Savasana slows you down and slowing down will benefit you by increasing your decision-making capacity and thus, your quality of a life.

5. Sometimes you need a reset on your worldview

Savasana translates as “corpse pose,” it is considered a great blessing for Yogis to be at this transformative crossroad. It is helpful to practice facing your fears and prepare for the ultimate life change. It also has a metaphorical meaning; the little death of the ego allows for your limited self-view to die. Thus, a new, more open, humble and liberated understanding can emerge.

6. Integration is underrated

Integrating one’s experience is often underrated in our fast-paced world. Taking the time to settle and feel the benefits of an experience can help one to enjoy the full benefits of your actions. It’s like opening all your gifts and then running off. Why not take it in, appreciate them and feel the joy.

Understanding the full scope of Yoga takes time and that is part of the medicine. Feel free to try our one of our programs, many have an online option.

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