The Art of Assisting

Advance Your Yoga Teaching skills

  • Trauma-informed
  • Apply skeletal variation
  • Models of Assisting

For anyone who has started teaching, one thing becomes clear, how do I assist so that I enhance the students’ experience? An assisting program is an essential tool for yoga teachers to truly support and offer value-added teaching.

Assisting can be done verbally, physically, energetically, and always with great respect. Deepen your knowledge of anatomy and learn the Biotensegrity model of holistic science.
Learn to make assisting a conversation.

Topics covered:

  • Understand your students’ physical limitations
  • Develop energetic awareness
  • Principles of trauma sensitivity
  • Biotensegrity anatomy & application to yoga
  • Quality of touch & Intention
  • Consent considerations
  • Learn better verbal assisting
  • Multi-disciplinary lineages

INCLUDES: A robust manual and videos

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