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How to Apply Skeletal Variation to Yoga Teaching

[caption id="attachment_4096" align="alignleft" width="300"] yoga-assist-cueing[/caption] Skeletal variation is a term popularized by Paul Grilley, the founder and developer of Yin Yoga. It means that every single person has a unique bone and joint structure, which in turn, can make some yoga, poses easier and some poses more difficult than others depending on one’s unique structure. Some poses will be non-accessible to certain bodies regardless of how much yoga they do. This does not mean we don’t try yoga, it means that some of us will find it easier. Understanding our body’s limitations informs us of the endpoint of our flexibility. When you understand how and where to sense the difference between bone-to-tissue (compression) versus the muscular resistance (tension), you will begin to know what the sensation in your body is...