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Best Yoga Retreat of 2020

People frequently ask me how to run a successful yoga retreat. It is a combination of many factors going the way you hope. Sometimes everything comes together in a way you hoped but couldn’t possibly anticipate. The 2020 Costa Rica Yin Retreat was precisely like that. Above all else, one thing is absolutely essential - your retreat partner. Niki Inglis is a skilled and experienced yoga educator, plant-based chef and retreat co-ordinator. We have worked together many times before and our skills are highly complementary. We have the utmost confidence in each other. We also have the same intention for Retreat, that students feel fully taken care of and safe in a learning environment. [caption id="attachment_4375" align="alignnone" width="300"] yoga-retreat-class-at-driftaway[/caption] Equally important are the students that you bring on Retreat. This is...