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Ayurveda ~ Take health into your own hands!

Ayurveda is an accessible holistic model of medicine that can make a huge difference in your health. As a practitioner for 20 years, I have experienced, first hand, the benefits of this simple, time-tested method of prevention. Knowing your own body and having awareness of your cycles and seasons over time offers you some significant knowledge in your own health and wellness. There are two important aspects of Ayurveda I'd like to mention: Because Ayurveda has been practiced for more than 500 years, it is considered a time tested model, which means there won't suddenly be adverse affects with Ayurvedic recommendations. This is significantly different from untested new pharmaceuticals, in which the affects haven't yet shown up. Integrating Ayurveda recommendations takes time and that's part of the...


Best Practices for a Vata Dosha

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