For anyone who has started teaching, one thing becomes clear, learning how to assist confidently so that I enhance the students’ experience. An assisting program is an essential tool for yoga teachers to truly support a student’s practice.

Assisting can be done verbally, physically, energetically and always with great respect. Deepen your knowledge of anatomy and learn the Biotensegrity model, a holistic approach.  Learn to make assisting a conversation and build relationships. Your passion for supporting others will take you into topics that you never even considered! We will see you on the mat.

Topics covered:

  • Understand your students’ physical limitations
  • Develop energetic awareness
  • Principles of trauma sensitivity
  • Biotensegrity anatomy & application to yoga
  • Quality of touch
  • Consent considerations

A course for both students and yoga teachers to deepen their knowledge of energetic and physical principles in practice. Take your yoga teaching to the next level by learning how to enhance another’s practice.

Curriculum includes:

  • A robust manual
  • Integrated assisting
  • Final practicum
Guest Teacher: Niki Inglis

Next Training at Phoenix Community Yoga

  • TBD 2022