Dedicated Practice

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Course Description

Dedicated Practice is an in-depth journey into how to safely sequence and present advanced asanas in public classes, as well as practicing them for personal growth and development. This will not be an all-inclusive list of advanced postures; rather it will be a way to engage with advanced techniques and learn how to play safely within 5 realms: arm balances, inversions, forward bends, back bends, and twists. Each pose lives on a continuum; there are foundational aspects to every advanced pose, and a gradient of progression available. Once we understand the direction of movement and how small steps forward can play within that realm, we see how we may be able to create sustainable progression within our own practice, or the practice of our students.

Our classes will focus on specific components of these realms to see how they are fluidly sequenced into a practice – complete with a conversation about how and why sequences for advanced postures are executed mindfully. We will then workshop the postures separately to talk about the various components and how to safely and successfully build them up. 

This training is for all levels of practitioners; you don’t need to be able to bend over backwards to learn more about deepening your backbends! This can be useful for you and your students – learn more about expanding the realm of your yoga postures, and see what comes up.


  • Learn more about your body
  • Exploring advanced techniques
  • Learning how to guide students safely into and out of poses
  • Arm Balances – Grasshopper, Firefly, Peacock
  • Inversions – Advanced Headstands (on pointer finger tips, pressing to forearm balance), Hands-free shoulderstand, Lotus shoulderstand,
  • Forearm balance, Handstand
  • Forward Bends – Leg behind the head, Tortoise, Vishvamittrasana
  • Back Bends – Full Bow, King Cobra, Wheel Drop-backs/Jump Overs, Kapotasana
  • Twists – Bound Matseyendrasana, Bharavadjrasana 


Full Tuition:
$660 + 5% GST

Price Breakdown:
Includes Tuition & Manual

For Dates, Times and Location of the Next Training:

200 hour yoga teacher training is not a prerequisite

Teacher:  Steve Fazzari, 800hr Dharma Mittra

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