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Ayurveda ~ Take health into your own hands!

Ayurveda is an accessible holistic model of medicine that can make a huge difference in your health. As a practitioner for 20 years, I have experienced, first hand, the benefits of this simple, time-tested method of prevention. Knowing your own body and having awareness of your cycles and seasons over time offers you some significant knowledge in your own health and wellness. There are two important aspects of Ayurveda I'd like to mention: Because Ayurveda has been practiced for more than 500 years, it is considered a time tested model, which means there won't suddenly be adverse affects with Ayurvedic recommendations. This is significantly different from untested new pharmaceuticals, in which the affects haven't yet shown up. Integrating Ayurveda recommendations takes time and that's part of the...


Best Yoga Retreat of 2020

People frequently ask me how to run a successful yoga retreat. It is a combination of many factors going the way you hope. Sometimes everything comes together in a way you hoped but couldn’t possibly anticipate. The 2020 Costa Rica Yin Retreat was precisely like that. Above all else, one thing is absolutely essential - your retreat partner. Niki Inglis is a skilled and experienced yoga educator, plant-based chef and retreat co-ordinator. We have worked together many times before and our skills are highly complementary. We have the utmost confidence in each other. We also have the same intention for Retreat, that students feel fully taken care of and safe in a learning environment. [caption id="attachment_4375" align="alignnone" width="300"] yoga-retreat-class-at-driftaway[/caption] Equally important are the students that you bring on Retreat. This is...

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How to Apply Skeletal Variation to Yoga Teaching

[caption id="attachment_4096" align="alignleft" width="300"] yoga-assist-cueing[/caption] Skeletal variation is a term popularized by Paul Grilley, the founder and developer of Yin Yoga. It means that every single person has a unique bone and joint structure, which in turn, can make some yoga, poses easier and some poses more difficult than others depending on one’s unique structure. Some poses will be non-accessible to certain bodies regardless of how much yoga they do. This does not mean we don’t try yoga, it means that some of us will find it easier. Understanding our body’s limitations informs us of the endpoint of our flexibility. When you understand how and where to sense the difference between bone-to-tissue (compression) versus the muscular resistance (tension), you will begin to know what the sensation in your body is...