About Me

~ Lucy St John ~

Why do I practice Yoga?

After spending 7 months in India, learning from different yogic traditions, masters, and peers, I came back to Canada with a state of consciousness that the yogi’s call Unity Consciousness. It was the first concrete experience of Ascendance I had and, it lasted… a few months.

I felt peace and vitality all the time and I felt humbled by the intelligence of Nature.

I want to share that experience with you.

More About My Journey

Experientially, when I looked into the eyes of another person, I “knew,” not intellectually but actually “knew“, that they were me just looking back at myself in a different form. Explaining a sustained experience of wholeness, of another experiential perspective loses some of its efficacy but here goes:

I was completely vulnerable to what the moment presented, I was constantly learning, forgiving and changing. I didn’t know how I came to live in this very normal state of consciousness. It wasn’t from the ashrams I visited, it was the right time and the entire experience of traveling in India that required a foundation of trust in my instincts, intuition, heart, and mind all working in harmony. I was rooted and seeing the world from the Transcendent state rather than from my small self. The awe and the beauty of Life is something I can never forget.

Coming home to Canada became a much bigger challenge because I began to lose my heightened state of consciousness and fear and doubt began re-appear in my life. I had to integrate what I learned and who I had become.

Luckily for me, a Vedic student & teacher arrived in my life to help me articulate, maintain and continue to build a more meaningful personal relationship with myself whilst living and facing the distractions of the West.

I’ve been blessed by many teachers. The greatest impact has been the teachings of Guru Dev and Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.

What You'll Learn?

The practices of Yoga & Meditation have helped me to experience this state of Transcendence, in which you fully come to know your purpose.

Yoga is a meant to be an Integrative part of your life experience. Life is your Ashram. How do you make the Mudane sacred?

You gotta bring your best and get into the game of life before it’s over.

The courses I offer are a road map to your authentic self and provide common-sense frameworks for understanding your life.

Training Highlights

  • Lead teacher of over 25 ~200 hr Yoga Teacher Trainings
  • Developed 200 hr & 300 hr Yoga Teacher Training curriculum to Yoga Alliance standards
  • Develop and Teach Trainings in Yin Yoga, Mantra & Vedic Story and Ayurveda
  • Guest teacher in various 200 hr & 300hr Yoga Teacher trainings across Canada
  • Teach International workshops from 2009-current
  • Currently teaching somatic therapy with the Integrated Body Psychotherapy Institute
  • Currently taking my Masters in Education at Simon Fraser University
  • BA in English from University of Guelph

I offer 200 hour yoga teacher training and 300 hour programs that you can take over time in Ayurveda, Mantra & Vedic Story, Physical & Energetic Assisting and Myo Fascia Yin Yoga teacher training.

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I help you develop as an authentic teacher

I offer 200 hour yoga teacher training and 300 hour programs that you can take over time in Ayurveda, Mantra & Vedic Story, Physical & Energetic Assisting and Myo Fascia Yin Yoga teacher training.

Ayurveda Yoga Teacher Training

40 hours

Learn the ancient time-tested sister science to yoga. This will greatly enhance your yoga teaching and help you to understand what asanas, pranayamas, meditation and seasons are best for your students.

Mantra & Vedic Story Training

40 hours

At the heart of yoga is the oral tradition of story-telling and mantra. Learn how these stories are tools for developing your consciousness and the importance of mantra.

Yoga Teacher Training

200 hour

Learn the tools to become a confident and capable yoga teacher as well as honouring the great tradition by learning the real Vedic philosophy from which yoga was developed.

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