Best Yoga Retreat of 2020


Best Yoga Retreat of 2020

People frequently ask me how to run a successful yoga retreat.

It is a combination of many factors going the way you hope. Sometimes everything comes together in a way you hoped but couldn’t possibly anticipate.

The 2020 Costa Rica Yin Retreat was precisely like that.

Above all else, one thing is absolutely essential – your retreat partner.

Niki Inglis is a skilled and experienced yoga educator, plant-based chef and retreat co-ordinator. We have worked together many times before and our skills are highly complementary. We have the utmost confidence in each other. We also have the same intention for Retreat, that students feel fully taken care of and safe in a learning environment.


Equally important are the students that you bring on Retreat. This is hard work that requires multi-tasking and skills that I did not know I had. So, having people with you 24/7 that you really like to spend time with and generate knowledge with is essential.
Early on in our planning, we decided to offer a discount to our friends and students to accomplish this goal ~ people are the most important part. We essentially got rid of our advertising budget and gave it directly to our students instead. That was a fantastic move because our students started signing up like crazy!
Next we choose a gorgeous spot that we wanted to visit ~ Costa Rica, the Guanacaste coast. Amazing surf, warm water, sunny every day and a place that I know well as my family has lived in the area for more than 30 years.


The menu is an absolutely essential ingredient, Niki has always created incredibly healthy and delicious food. Due to the size of the Retreat, we knew we needed help with this. Our friend and student, Bonnie took the lead and created and executed a menu that was healthy and met the nutritional needs of our students as fully as possible.
This was the first time we had the help of an administrative assistant. Aarti was in valuable at ensuring that the many, many details of travel and accommodation ran smoothly.
Finally, our daily schedule was developed to make sure the teacher training students had time at the beach but that we also covered the Yoga Alliance standards. The schedule needs to ensure an 8-hour day of training but also allow for free time and adequate rest. No one wants to come to Costa Rica and spend all their time indoors, no matter how gorgeous the Shala is!
We had a lot of wonderful events available for retreaters such as ziplining, surf lessons, sunset get-togethers, restaurants, horseback riding, and jungle tours.


Finally, you have to trust that you can roll with the changes you didn’t expect. You need to be willing to jump into the flow of possibilities and grow.
Thank you to the amazing humans that made the Retreat & Yin Yoga Training so successful and much fun! Niki and I are planning to return next year in 2021 and we hope to re-create the same magic again.
Our gratitude to our students fuels our every move.
Pura Vida everyone, we love you!

Niki & Lucy





Lucy St. John