1231985_12118567When Narayana breathes one breath it is the creation, preservation and destruction of the entire universe. In essence, the entire universe is a balance of these three major guṇas- creation, maintenance, and destruction.

Shiva is known as the guṇas of Destruction. Whether  you invite Shiva into your life or not, things are gonna change!

When I was in a valley in southern India, I was sitting with a “sadhu-baba,” a holy man, who had dedicated his life to the spiritual path. In the far distance we heard a voice ring out: “BOOM SHIVA” Immediately, my sadhu friend, lit his pipe, took a smoke and called back with equal pitch “BOOM SHIVA”

My friend had told me about this phenomenon when I lived in a dance studio in Hamilton, Ontario. He had told me that the sadhu’s pass this call across the valleys to indicate the destruction of their false thoughts, and illusions.

I was thinking of how Shiva has been mentioned to me in the past two weeks from different friends and in my yoga class. With some trepidation, when my friend asked me what I knew about him, I knew for sure that now he was coming into my life in some form. I started to think about the positive aspects of death and destruction and how Shiva has the power to destroy my ignorance and my strongly-held illusions.

Shiva indeed visited me when I found myself judging a friend. Immediately after I had judged her, another friend demonstrated the falseness of my assumption and my ignorance. Despite my best efforts not to judge others, I do it and my heart feels closed as a result. When “Shiva” visits me in the form of synchronistic actions and/or humans and I don’t get it the first time, he comes again with a much stronger lesson. But when I break and drop my illusions, I am left with a much broader understanding of myself and therefore, can have more compassion, more freedom and feel released from the bondage of my ignorance.

So, when Shiva comes to you in life’s activities, don’t fear it. It is fierce compassion! You will feel freer especially, if you can surrender and let go of what closes you from remembering that we are all ONE.
Ahh, here it comes, your call across the valley…BOOM SHIVA!

How is Shiva showing up in your life? I’d love to hear from you.





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  1. pritam says:

    people please understand… Now after creation shiva is the destroyer and end or recreation but in the begining of the world shiva is the source and shakti, vishnu the keeper or holder, brahma the creator of the world from shiva’s given shakti and matter. Eg. Shiva material of making house, brahma the maker of the house, vishnu house holder.

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