BeFunky_hindugod2.jpgThis isn’t a dream, this is a story to expand our thinking about the Universe. Vishnu is the maintainer, preserver, supporter, and developer of every element in existence. He lays on a multi-headed serpent named Shesha, otherwise known as Vishnu’s couch. And Shesha lies in the milky ocean of all possibility. While Vishnu is dreaming creation into existence, Brahma, the God of Creation comes out of Vishnu’s belly button to oversee the creation of life. Okay, so maybe this is a dream. But what does this story of Vishnu represent? And what can we learn from this vision and apply to our everyday lives?

Here are 3 concepts that I’ve taken and applied to my life:

1. We are Vishnu

From Vishnu’s meditative dream, the whole universe is created. How can you be Vishnu and how is this relevant to your life? Assume for a minute that we create our thoughts. Vedanta says that thoughts are our creation and they bubble up from pure consciousness. They get bounced and distorted as they move from pure consciousness to individual expression. That expression could be a feeling, thought, speech or action. For example, pure consciousness is the field of all possibility. If it was a thought, it would say: “I am One with everything that exists.” But your mind interprets only a portion of this as: “I feel connected to the people that I love.” Our past and our state of consciousness limit our self-expression. And this is one of the main reasons to practice meditation ~ to decrease the distorting influences of the past and the present so that you have a more pure expression of your true self. We are creating and developing our reality. We are expressing the Universe. We are Vishnu.

2. Life happens in the blink of an eye

Shesha is the multi-headed snake that Vishnu lays on. When Shesha uncoils, the universe is created and when Shesha coils, the entire universe ceases to exist. How can the whole grand universe be destroyed with one small gesture? As Einstein pointed out; time and space are relative. Everything is in constant change and beginnings and endings are happening around us all the time. Each moment is a grand creation and can only be experienced once before it changes. This deep truth is a reminder that your life is sacred and ever-changing. As Ferris Bueller says: “Life moves pretty fast, you have to stop and look around once in a while.” Be present for the moments of your life and you’ll naturally live your purpose.

3. We live in the sea of all possibility

This sea of all possibility that Shesha lays on is the underlying force that creation exists on. One of the tricks is to be aware of it. You may ask; “If anything is possible, why don’t our greatest dreams come true?” There’s a few more steps besides just knowing the field of possibility exists. Here’s a good stating point: First of all, it is a practice to know that this field exists especially when you’re not feeling particularly inspired. Secondly, it is important not to doubt the abundance of the universe. Not doubting is a practice in mind discernment. Thirdly, it is not only an intellectual pursuit to know that possibility is all around you, you need to feel this sense of “all possibility” in your life. Then, Gratitude arises in you. Think about it this way, if the whole universe is created from this field of all possibility, what would you dream into existence?

Vishnu’s couch helps us to understand and live our extraordinary lives. For me, Vedic stories are keys to understanding and navigating this vast universe. These concepts have helped me to let go of limiting thoughts and express my creativity and freedom of spirit in my everyday life.

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