IMG_1070Q: Want to know a quick easy way to balance your life?
A: Play. Simple as that. How do you do that?

Q: Osho,
Can you draw me a roadmap to your land of leela? I cannot find my laughter or light-heartedness. I see it around me, but I do not feel it in me.

A: There cannot be any map to the land of of playfulness. All maps lead to seriousness. Playfulness is when all maps have been burnt down. There is no way to playfulness, because playfulness is not a goal and cannot be a goal. When you forget about goals, when you are not going anywhere, when the very idea of going is dropped, then ‘herenow’ playfulness starts growing in you, happening in you.
Playfulness is not then and there; it is herenow. So how can there be a road-map? You are not to go, you are just to be.
Seriousness is goal-oriented. And even when a serious person starts playing, he transforms the quality of play- it becomes a game; it is no more play….When play becomes serious, it becomes a game.
From Walk without Feet, Fly without Wings and Think without Mind ~Osho

5 Easy Ways to Play:
1. Let yourself be really silly “Fake it till you make it” is my motto for this one. Example: Find the Ridiculous in what you say to yourself or others.
2. Find Awe in a daily event Listen intensely to every sound around you. Feel sensation in your hand when you touch something ~ for reals, just try it.
3. Move in a funny way Do the worst dance you can think of. Be the most ugly dancer in the room ~ guaranteed you’ll find a laugh in there.
4. Babble sing, or roll your tongue. Release your mind by releasing your speech. Pretend you’re a lion and roar with your tongue out. Growl like a wolf.
5. Use your Imagination I know it sounds obvious. Remember Calvin and Hobbes? ~ pretend you’re a dinosaur when you do your yoga practice bring some innocence and silliness into something that can take a lot of focus.

“You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation.” ~Plato

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