HPIM1863.JPGThe Vedic principle: “there is no problem” can be applied to both personal and universal consciousness. When you realize life is AS IT IS, then you realize that nothing is really a problem… Delays, complications and disappointments happen. Sometimes you can see a silver lining in these experiences and, sometimes you can’t.


Even now, I’ve had complications delay me in Morro Bay, CA and the first thing people ask me is: why are you meant to be here? When I was on a sailboat that got delayed in an unexpected port due to a huge crab pot stuck on its propeller, all kinds of new people arrived in my circle and a new adventure began. That particular delay resulted in meeting lifelong friends, a warm welcome into a long house in which the Leftenant Govenor was a guest for a Potlatch and, I got to witness a First Nations dance which was performed publicly for the first time in 50 years! Those are just the highlights of that experience.


For anyone who has traveled to places like India, it is sort of the unofficial “traveler’s code” to trust these kind of delays and even personal disappointments. It is a good measure of your evolution, when personal complications arise, if you can trust and accept it and, look around for interesting cue’s.

I think when you expect that complications sometimes happen, you are less disappointed when they do happen. What’s that old saying: “Temper your expectations and your disappointments will be few”.

Now here’s where we start to get into the game of life:

For me, Vedic knowledge throws light on the laws of Nature and I get a glimpse of the paradoxical Nature of the Universe. Take the example of Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz: she had the means to go home through her entire journey down the yellow brick road, but because she didn’t know it, she went on a great adventure. So here’s the paradox: even in not knowing that “there is no problem”, there is still no problem!

This is one of the little on-going paradoxes that cause the great yogis to giggle quietly to themselves! Round and round we go… lol!

I invite you to watch what happens the next time you experience disappointment. Can you integrate this knowledge and laugh in that moment?

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