BeatlesMaharishi-1I’m a guest blogger at Semperviva this week, here’s how it starts…

When I was India, I was invited to a lecture of a student of  Osho’s who had recently found enlightenment. I still remember the rickshaw ride to his house across the city and the sense of mystery that I felt to be in the presence of an enlightened teacher. Over the years and in different countries, I’ve been blessed to meet many great teachers and students. I learned that great teachers across different traditions have the same 3 characteristics and it helped me to know when I was with a great teacher, an enlightened yogi or both.

Here are the 3 questions to ask yourself when you are in the presence of a teacher:

1. Do they laugh? Are they joyful? And do they have a sense of humour?

2. Do you feel good about yourself around this person?

3. Does this person indicate when you are not acting with integrity?

To Find Out Why Now

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  1. Robert Tassoni says:

    I ask myself did I give Joy? Have I received Joy?
    Thank You Lucy

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