155218_9939I’m reminded of the Chan Buddhist lineage story: The Flower and the Smile. Buddha held up a flower and showed it to his disciples in silence. Only one disciple, Maha broke out with a smile.

There is so much in this simple action.

It reminds me on the days when it’s harder to feel connected, that even simple appreciation of what is right in front of me can change my life.

Here’s a few easy ideas that bring me home to the heart:

  1. Asking myself: what do I need right now?
  2. Tell myself what I long to hear from my loved one. I value you. Thank you.
  3. Use my words! You can be vulnerable, Lucy
  4. Embrace what I feel. Even if I feel dislike or hatred towards someone, I try to be honest and embrace the feeling and feel it entirely. Because I know on the other side of hate is love.
  5. Read. Spiritual teachings and writings often take me into my heart. Some goodies are: Wayne Dyer, Caroline Myss, Eckhart Tolle, Iyengar, Maharishi, Osho, and Thich Nhat Hanh.
  6. Feel grateful for what I have right now. My health. A safe home. Good food. Family and friends. Opportunity.
  7. If all else fails, I’ll look at puppies and kittens on Youtube and transfer these feelings to my inner animal.
  8. Remembering that we are all ONE. That we are all alike and all equal. That life is sacred and each of us has a unique gift.

This story initiated the Chan lineage of Buddhism.

It can be summarized as: “Buddha transmits to true Buddha. Heart synchronizes with true heart. Buddha heart imprints heart.” This is the original and authentic teaching and transmission of Buddha right before his passing and entering the nirvana after 45 years of teaching. It is the ultimate, direct and indescribable process enabling a disciple to be completely in sync with the heart of Buddha, and thus be enlightened in a single instance without the need of language. This heart-to-heart transmission standardized the unique process for the sustaining and promulgating the lineage and tradition of Chan.” ~ taken from the Shakamuni Buddhist Foundation

This story demonstrates the “Buddha Heart Imprint”.

Tell me, what will be the flower that makes you smile today?

Please share what works for you below. I’m sure it’ll count for good karma points!

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