1990 South Africa

1990 South Africa

As yoga practitioners we’re often facing challenges on the mat. Whether it’s self-judgment, physical challenge or mental fatigue, some practices are just plain hard. As we face these challenges on the mat, we start to notice how this is mirrored in our lives, whether it’s difficulties at work, at home or with your family.

Here are my 3 favorite mantras when times get tough:


1. This too shall pass.

The one thing you can count on in life is that everything changes. One day you won’t feel this way. You’ll be able to look back and say I survived this. When times are hard, look at the bigger picture to give you some perspective.

2. I am worthy.                                                                                                                                                                  Whatever has happened to you has nothing to do with what you deserve or your “karma” in life. Often people misuse the concept of karma to deepen their own shame over a mistake they’ve made. We’re here to learn and make mistakes! “Sh*#t happens” and blaming yourself or feeling overly responsible is damaging to your sense of worthiness. So whatever is going on just remember that you’re worthy of a beautiful life and a beautiful day.


3. I am strong enough to take life’s lessons.

Whatever this situation has caused, take the best from it. Take the life lesson. Maybe you’ve learned about yourself and you can change something that doesn’t serve you. You are strong and being vulnerable takes great courage. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, baby!

After all, we’re yogis, we came to learn, fail, laugh and make friends. Keep on your path!

“The greatest glory in living lies not in never failing, but in rising every time we fail.” – Nelson Mandela



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“What makes the course unique is that one feels this knowledge in their bones. You feel a deep resonance of inner knowingness that has always been there but has never been acknowledged before.”
~Miranda, Edmonton AB

“It taught me how simple it is to go back to loving yourself, with many easy techniques that take just 5 seconds to center you in your body. I am still benefiting every day from the simple, practical ways of unfolding into your own grace and assertiveness.”
~Erin, Vancouver BC

“Simple Truths revealed.”
~Dorothy, Yoga Instructor Salt Spring Island BC


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