10 Lessons I Learned from my Yoga Travels

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  10 Lessons from my Yoga Travels down the Pacific Westcoast Lesson 1: Every teacher has something to teach you. There wasn’t one class where I said, “yeah, been there, done that.” Every teacher has a unique perspective and a different journey to the same Truth. Often, teachers can remind you of what you already know but in a new way. And I had plenty of “A-ha” moments along the … Read More →

An Evening with Eve Ensler “In the Body of the World”


Last night at my old university, Capilano U, I saw Eve Ensler share her story about how her uterine cancer is connected to the devastation of the earth. The first thing I noticed was all the incredibly interesting people in the audience. I wanted to sit down and get to know who these fascinating people were. 99% of the audience were women and I was proud to have arrived with … Read More →

What Does “Life is your Ashram” Mean?


Life is sacred. If you bring the sacred into all your daily actions, your life takes on new and deeper meaning. How do you bring the sacred into everyday life? Appreciate it. Appreciate the moment. Know that even the difficult moments are an opportunity to learn. The difficult times are perfectly designed to you personally. It is the blueprint of what you need to learn. It’s like a specialized GPS … Read More →

Masculinity in Women


“Too much spirit” she said with a grin. “I didn’t quite understand what she meant. Impatient with my musing silence, she suddenly sat forward in her chair, opened her legs and began playing an imaginary cello. Her long, powerful fingers vibrated on the imaginary finger-board and her fine-boned arm danced fiercely with the imaginary bow. She glanced up from her playing, fire radiating from her eyes. “Can you imagine,” she … Read More →

The Meeting of Two Traditions — Vedanta & Tantra


One of my teachers told me about witnessing two great Yogis coming to meet each other for the first time in the 1980s. The audience, comprised of spiritual devotees, were apprehensive because it would be the meeting of two very different traditions. One of the yogis was known for many playful tricks to his inner circle; he would flip the offering of the garland blessing back onto the student who … Read More →

Remixed Bhajan Music

People in my workshop always ask me for this music. Here it is from Sharon Gannon’s Jivamukti CD by Ansar: Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu It generally translates as:  “May all beings everywhere be happy and free. May the thoughts and actions of my own life, contribute to the happiness and freedom for all”.

What is the Sacred Feminine in Daily Life?


When I speak about the feminine, I’m referring to the qualities in both men and women. Qualities like; receptivity, vulnerability, grace, silence, self-reflection and connection to the sacred. In a world that rewards outward success and congratulates us on what we accomplish, I often wonder upon what foundations those actions are being accomplished? Because eventually, if your foundations aren’t solid, your house is going to fall. For example, have you … Read More →

How to Become our True, Wild & Wonderous Selves in 2013


Since traveling down the coast of California, I’ve been lucky enough to try 20+ yoga studios and their teachers. After every class, I’m usually heard to say: “that was the best one so far…” Each class and each teacher has blessed me. Here is one that stands out: Teacher and owner of Yoga Soup in Santa Barbara said, to para-pharase: “Let your body just BE. Let your body take off … Read More →

There is No Problem, There Never Was…


The Vedic principle: “there is no problem” can be applied to both personal and universal consciousness. When you realize life is AS IT IS, then you realize that nothing is really a problem… Delays, complications and disappointments happen. Sometimes you can see a silver lining in these experiences and, sometimes you can’t.   Even now, I’ve had complications delay me in Morro Bay, CA and the first thing people ask … Read More →

​Go Ahead Make a Fool of Yourself… and Heal


When I went to yoga class on Monday morning I just thought it was another class to stretch and feel good but what happened was surprising. My teacher, Teresa Campbell from Semperviva Yoga, told us to giggle, laugh, make noise, and just get silly. My mind wasn’t awake enough to resist and I suddenly found myself at the age of 5 in a pure place of the now, full of … Read More →


“What makes the course unique is that one feels this knowledge in their bones. You feel a deep resonance of inner knowingness that has always been there but has never been acknowledged before.”
~Miranda, Edmonton AB

“It taught me how simple it is to go back to loving yourself, with many easy techniques that take just 5 seconds to center you in your body. I am still benefiting every day from the simple, practical ways of unfolding into your own grace and assertiveness.”
~Erin, Vancouver BC

“Simple Truths revealed.”
~Dorothy, Yoga Instructor Salt Spring Island BC


Me… so far

© Cloe AignerJust like my grandfather who told his stories from India, I love re-telling stories that help us to see and understand ourselves. I'm working on creating peace on the planet by working on both our inner and outer worlds. As Carl Jung put it: "As within, so without". Or as Maharishi said “If you accomplish something at the gross and sacrifice the subtle, what have you accomplished?”
I am a curious student, I enjoy constantly learning. I make mistakes and I think that makes me a better teacher. The insights and tools that I offer are like a roadmap for the grounded spiritual seeker. It is my intention to collaborate with you so that you generate your own questions to find clarity and understanding of your own experiences. Together, we'll keep it real with heart, humility, and laughter. Read More About my Journey...


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