Top 10 Significant Events of 2014


What do with significant events of 2014 have to do with yoga? Yoga embraces everything we do on and off the mat. Yoga brings awareness into “how” we do what we do. The world changes as a result of our smallest actions. So be proud of this list, you have probably contributed to it in some big or small way. 10. “Gangnam Style” is the first video to reach 2 … Read More →

A Love Note to Acroyoga Montreal

© Cloe Aigner

Thank you for teaching me your art and coming on the journey with me. In four weeks, I didn’t always want to but you required me to show up everyday for morning practice and demonstrated the power of commitment, determination and dedication. You also demonstrated the power, of a fit body and clear mind. All I can say is: Core, baby! You attracted all the colourful people I like to … Read More →

A Love Note to Myself


I’m reminded of the Chan Buddhist lineage story: The Flower and the Smile. Buddha held up a flower and showed it to his disciples in silence. Only one disciple, Maha broke out with a smile. There is so much in this simple action. It reminds me on the days when it’s harder to feel connected, that even simple appreciation of what is right in front of me can change my … Read More →

I am amazing


Declare that I’m amazing to the world?! I decided that being a little bit more vulnerable and acknowledging my amazing Self is a good direction to head in 2014. Lofty goal? Maybe. I’d like to make this my touchstone mantra each month for 2014. As Brene Brown says, self-worth and courage are required in order to be vulnerable. So are being honest about my struggles. On that note… You are … Read More →

What is Vishnu’s Couch?


This isn’t a dream, this is a story to expand our thinking about the Universe. Vishnu is the maintainer, preserver, supporter, and developer of every element in existence. He lays on a multi-headed serpent named Shesha, otherwise known as Vishnu’s couch. And Shesha lies in the milky ocean of all possibility. While Vishnu is dreaming creation into existence, Brahma, the God of Creation comes out of Vishnu’s belly button to … Read More →

Want to Know 5 Easy Ways to Balance your Life?


Q: Want to know a quick easy way to balance your life? A: Play. Simple as that. How do you do that? Q: Osho, Can you draw me a roadmap to your land of leela? I cannot find my laughter or light-heartedness. I see it around me, but I do not feel it in me. A: There cannot be any map to the land of of playfulness. All maps lead … Read More →

3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Ignore your Sex Muscles in Yoga Practice

Screen Shot 2014-01-15 at 12.28.12 PM

The term mula bandha refers to your pelvic floor muscles. These muscles are responsible for sexual function and pleasure, core stability and your continence system. And for some yogis, it is considered the seat of prana (life force) in the body. Everytime I talk to someone about my pelvic floor workshop, I see a light of recognition in their eyes because they realize that they may be unwittingly suffering and … Read More →

4 Ways to Successfully Develop Your Own Home Practice


1. Choose a playlist to practice for a certain amount of time. This can be 5 minutes or 75 minutes.I like: •Prince Reno Ras (Vancouver DJ) •Desert Dwellers •Fat Freddy’s Drop •Ray LaMontagne •Ludovico Einaudi 2. Follow a series of poses. You can google these. I go back to my Dharma Mittra series, or recently the Ashatanga series. Even if you diverge from the series, it starts you off. 3. … Read More →

Why is Story Important in our Lives?


When I told people I was going to India in my 20’s they kept asking me why, why was I going there? My answer was: “I don’t know.” In every way that you can be “called” to do something, my soul was called to go to India and I think that’s how it is for a lot of us who have traveled there. Of course, I didn’t answer the question … Read More →

3 Ways to know that you are in the Presence of a Great Yogi


I’m a guest blogger at Semperviva this week, here’s how it starts… When I was India, I was invited to a lecture of a student of  Osho’s who had recently found enlightenment. I still remember the rickshaw ride to his house across the city and the sense of mystery that I felt to be in the presence of an enlightened teacher. Over the years and in different countries, I’ve been … Read More →


“What makes the course unique is that one feels this knowledge in their bones. You feel a deep resonance of inner knowingness that has always been there but has never been acknowledged before.”
~Miranda, Edmonton AB

“It taught me how simple it is to go back to loving yourself, with many easy techniques that take just 5 seconds to center you in your body. I am still benefiting every day from the simple, practical ways of unfolding into your own grace and assertiveness.”
~Erin, Vancouver BC

“Simple Truths revealed.”
~Dorothy, Yoga Instructor Salt Spring Island BC


Me… so far

© Cloe AignerJust like my grandfather who told his stories from India, I love re-telling stories that help us to see and understand ourselves. I'm working on creating peace on the planet by working on both our inner and outer worlds. As Carl Jung put it: "As within, so without". Or as Maharishi said “If you accomplish something at the gross and sacrifice the subtle, what have you accomplished?”
I am a curious student, I enjoy constantly learning. I make mistakes and I think that makes me a better teacher. The insights and tools that I offer are like a roadmap for the grounded spiritual seeker. It is my intention to collaborate with you so that you generate your own questions to find clarity and understanding of your own experiences. Together, we'll keep it real with heart, humility, and laughter. Read More About my Journey...


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