What is biotensegrity in yoga?


  • Is compassion an instrument of activism? - In a dharma talk by Robert Beatty from Portland, he asked the question: Is compassion an instrument of activism? Isn’t that a relevant question today with so much to March about? I’ve been thinking a lot about my activism in the world; speaking for those who cannot speak for themselves; acknowledging and protecting equal rights, sharing accurate news and, researching impactful programs. I was curious to see what my students … Read More →
  • What are Healthy Boundaries & Why are they Essential? - I’ve been in spiritual communities for the last 20 years and only in the last year have I discovered healthy boundaries. I used to hate feeling guilty when I said “no” because my loved ones (or strangers) would feel rejected by my healthy boundary. So I would put up with what others were putting out, effectively over-stepping my own boundary and/or exiting the situation as soon as possible. I also … Read More →


"What makes the course unique is that one feels this knowledge in their bones. You feel a deep resonance of inner knowingness that has always been there but has never been acknowledged before."
~Miranda T., Edmonton AB

“It taught me how simple it is to go back to loving yourself, with many easy techniques that take just 5 seconds to center you in your body. I am still benefiting every day from the simple, practical ways of unfolding into your own grace and assertiveness.”
~Erin Hope-Goldsmith Vancouver BC

"Simple Truths revealed."
~Dorothy, Yoga Instructor Salt Spring Island BC


Me… so far

© Cloe AignerJust like my grandfather who told his stories from India, I love telling stories that help us to see and understand ourselves. I'm working on creating peace on the planet by working on both our inner and outer worlds. As Carl Jung put it: "As within, so without". Or as Maharishi said “If you accomplish something at the gross and sacrifice the subtle, what have you accomplished?”
I'm no guru and I don't have all the answers. I make mistakes and I think that makes me a better teacher. The insights and tools that I offer are like a roadmap for the grounded spiritual seeker and they help to give clarity and understanding for your experiences. Together, we'll keep it real with heart, humility and laughter. Read More About my Journey...


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